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Frequently Asked Questions
—How can kids help?
—Where can I find your wish list?
—How can I foster?
—Can I help with food drives?
—Can I help with cannisters?

We Love Our Volunteers!
Thanks so much for considering a volunteer position with The Animal Center. The more volunteers we have, the more needy animals we can help in our community.
Current Volunteer Positions
Foster Program Foster families play a vital role in our ability to help local homeless animals. The more foster homes we have, the more kittens we can help. Volunteer foster parents take in kittens and look after them at home. Foster parents handle them, talk to them, and play with them so when the kittens are old enough for adoption, they are healthy, frisky and very friendly. The Animal Center pays for 100% of the kitten's veterinary care and medicines. If you want to get a kitten fix but don't want to adopt, this program is perfect for you. Time commitment: approx. 2 weeks, 2 hours per day. Contact us (203)270-0228.

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Food Drive Coordinator: We are looking for a volunteer to coordinate cat food drives in their own town or in the Greater Danbury area. Food donations will be distributed to volunteer feral cat caretakers feeding free-roaming stray and feral cats in our community. Time commitment: approx. 2 hours per month, ongoing. Contact us (203)270-0228.

Donation Canisters: If you own your own business or know a business that would display an Animal Center donation canister, let us know! Every penny counts.

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Kids & Animals Earn community service hours while you help the animals! Here are a few ways you can make a difference:

1)Kitten Shower. If you are in charge of a Girl Scout troop or know a group of kids who love animals and have to fulfill community service requirements, help them put together a kittens shower! Guests bring gifts for the kittens in our program, including food, toys, towels, general supplies and donations.

2)Wish List Drive. Our program uses a ton of supplies to keep our cats and kittens happy and healthy during their stay with us. A great way for kids to help animals and fulfill community service requirements is by making our Wish List come true! Kids collect Wish List items in teams or individually and donate them to The Animal Center. You can view our Wish List on Since we don't have a shelter, please ship items to yourself. When delivery arrives, contact us and we'll send a volunteer to pick up your donations.

thank you notes3)"Thank You" Notes. This is a perfect project for anyone--young or not--who likes to draw. Each year, we send out a lot of thank you cards. If you enjoy drawing, please make 20 thank you notes for us to use. We are always in need of hand made thank you cards. Left: "Cat," by five year old Newtown artist, D.V.