Cat Placement

We run a small, limited admission, No-Kill rescue and adoption program for homeless kittens and special needs cats through a volunteer foster network (we don't have a shelter). Because of limited resources, we are not always able to take in every cat who needs a new home, but can always help you with the re-homing process.

If you have a cat you need to re-home, rather than turn him over to a rescue group or shelter, we suggest that you actively pursue finding a new home on your own. You not only know this animal best and the type of home most suitable for him, but you can also focus all your efforts on this pet. Most shelters and rescue groups are overwhelmed by the sheer number of stray animals needing homes at any given time. Follow these helpful tips from Best Friends to find your pet a new home.

If you live in Newtown and need to find a new home for your cat, we can list a courtesy adoption posting on our website for you. Before placing your cat for adoption, read the "Interviewing and Meeting the Potential Adopter" sections of this Best Friends Guide. It's a fact that there are people abusing animals in Connecticut. You don't want them getting ahold of yours!

To set up a courtesy posting, send us:

  • 1-2 great pictures of your cat. There are hundreds of cats in the area needing good homes. You need your cat to be noticed above the rest.
  • a brief write-up of why this cat needs to be rehomed, what makes the cat special, and the type of home in which you believe the cat would thrive (quiet/busy/dogs/kids/other cats).
  • your contact information (full name, email address and telephone number where you can be reached)

For help with stray or feral cats/kittens in Newtown or for more information on a courtesy adoption posting, contact us email

If you live outside the Newtown area, you can locate your local shelter or rescue group at Petfinder. Simply go to "Find Animal Welfare Groups" on their home page.