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How You Can Help

Adoptive and Barn Homes Needed! We have many friendly, healthy, neutered and vaccinated cats from this eviction site needing indoor/outdoor homes and some would prefer a barn, shed, or other outdoor shelter. If you would like to help a cat (or several) contact us today!

Help us spread the word. Download and print out our >Barn Cats Poster.

Donate funds to help us pay for food, veterinary care or feral cat shelters

Questions? Contact us at (203)270-0228 or email

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Photo credits: special thanks to Marleen Cafarelli of Photo Art Works, Gene Rosen and April Smith Ziegler

Meet the cats!

Meet Smudge
How does a blind 7 year old daschund end up befriending a 3 1/2 week old, orphan kitten? The magic of our foster program, of course!

An Animal Center volunteer discovered Smudge when she arrived to feed the cats at the Sandy Hook colony that we are managing after their caretakers were evicted (meet cats). She heard piercing shrieks from the bushes, and when she went to investigate, she discovered little Smudge screaming his heart out. He was hungry and cold.

Finding no littermates or mom cat around, we brought Smudge into our foster program, placing him with Mindy and John, who specialize in orphaned kitten care and who have some very special animals of their own.

Like Dexter, the 7 year old, blind daschund they rescued while in California. Dexter was born without eyes due to a genetic defect. But you don't need eyes to see when a little kitten could use a pal. Dexter loves to give Smudge a bath, and Smudge loves every moment of it. Smudge is still too young to eat on his own, but he's gaining weight every day and is so happy to be rescued!

Stay tuned for updates on Smudge. He will be making a guest appearance at our 9/11 adoption event at Your Healthy Pet. Stop by and say hello!

Special thanks to Carolee for finding him and to Mindy and John for all your love and care.

About this Managed Cat Colony

The impact of the bad economy doesn't stop at people, as a group of neighborhood stray cats in Sandy Hook discovered when the caretaker who had been feeding them was evicted on May 31.

The caretaker was unable to take any of the cats with her, and more than 20 cats and kittens suddenly found themselves homeless and left to fend for themselves.

The Animal Center was contacted to help and we've accomplished a great deal since late May. Thanks to your generous support, five kittens have been rescued, several adult cats have found homes, and 24 cats have been spayed/neutered and rabies vaccinated.

In the beginning, the cats were mostly skittish and kept their distance. But, that's all changed. These days, the cats eagerly await our arrival and swarm around our feet with happy tails sailing high. They're so glad to see you and they let you know it. Some cats are more suitable for barn homes, but the majority dream for the day when they can find a home to call their own. Meet them:

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