Celebrating 5 Years
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Meet Fallon! This five week old kitten is so happy to have been found! She is a playful and loving kitten from our Big Fix site who was rescued on 9/2.

Update 9/4: Wow, we did it! Thanks to your generous support, we reached our goal of $2,000 to help cover veterinary expenses for these cats.

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Big Fix
The Big Fix Is On!

What started with a routine call about two four-week old kittens ended with the discovery of 25 (at least!) stunning Siamese mix free-roaming cats, all of whom need our help.

We got the call on August 19. A family found two four-week old kittens in their garage. They told a cat-loving friend about the kittens, who contacted Animal Control, which, in turn, put them in touch with The Animal Center.

We headed over and with the help of Teresa M., the friend who called, safely rounded up mom and her two kittens and placed them in our foster program.  So far, just another day in cat rescue.

But then Teresa learned there may be more kittens next door and contacted the neighbor. Turns out, when the neighbor moved into that house, she discovered there were cats who had either been left behind or were neighborhood strays. Being an animal lover, she started feeding the cats, but didn't have the funds to spay/neuter them or know who to call for help.

The cat colony grew and and grew and today, there are more than 25 cats who need our help. The caretaker is overjoyed that there are people who care and want to help these animals. Many of the cats are adoptable, and our first step is to get everyone to the vet for exams, spay/neuter and vaccines, which will be a big -- and expensive -- job.

Please sponsor a Big Fix kitty today so that we can get these cats the vet care they need before helping to find them forever homes.  And if you have any Siamese-loving friends who aren't too fussy about pedigrees, let them know about these friendly, beautiful cats who will need homes soon!

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Special thanks to Teresa M. and her family for caring and for going out of your way to help these cats!

Update 9/2: Big Fix! Update. In just two weeks, we've spayed/neutered and vaccinated 20 cats, rescued five kittens and a pregnant cat who gave birth on 9/1, and are gearing up for adoptions and more spay/neuter after the holiday weekend.

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